Contact Information

AYSO Region 32
P.O. Box 1478
Upland, CA 91785

Please contact us if you have any questions

Regional Commissioner Jackie Lewis
Vice Regional Commissioner Stephanie Schmitz
Director of Operations Janet Orcutt
Treasurer Maria Saldana
Director of Safety Tom Clementi
Secretary Grace Pyle
Regional Coach Administrator Jason Aguirre
Regional Referee Administrator David and Ku'ulei Reyes
Registrar Deanna Holley
Regional Scheduler Ken Schmitz
Regional Auditor
EXTRA League Coordinator Walter Bonnett
VIP Coordinator Teresa Rosales
Sponsor Chairperson Mary DeMirjyn
Fund Raising Chairperson Syndi Chyrchel
Field Manager
Spring Coordinator Charlotte Avenetti
Equipment Manager Ernie Munoz
Special Events Chairperson Jack Osborn
Child Protection Advocate Beverly Reyes
Communications Chairperson
Team Parent Chairperson Jen Salcido
Information System Administrator Paul Krause
B-U/16 and B-U/19 Charlotte Avenetti
B-U/14 Sheila Porras
B-U/12 Isis Guzman
B-U/10 Jason Aguirre
B-U/8 Susan Fath
B-U/6 Heather Freeman 
G-U/16 and G-U/19 Cindy Wiederkehr
G-U/14 Sheila Porras
G-U/12 Isis Guzman
G-U/10 Jason Aguirre
G-U/8 Beverly Reyes
G-U/6 Heather Freeman
Boys and Girls U5 Jason Van Noy
Area League Coordinator for Upland Cindy Wiederkehr