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We would like to welcome all new and returning referees and look forward to a great season ahead! Your Regional Referee Staff are enthusiastic and passionate about soccer and we look forward to supporting all referees in continuing your interest and eagerness on expanding your knowledge of soccer.

We are here for you as a resource! As trained Instructors, Assessors, Mentors and Coordinators we are committed to supporting your development by providing necessary tools, direction and training to assist in becoming a well-trained and experienced official. It is our goal to uphold the 6 AYSO Philosophies and ensure that games are SAFE, FUN and FAIR for our players.

Be sure to stop by at the referee tent or send an email should you have any questions. Thank you for volunteering as a referee and have a wonderful season!

Yours in Soccer,

David and Ku’ulei Reyes
Regional Referee Administrators
Upland AYSO Region 32

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Upland Regional Referee Staff

Regional Referee Administrators

David & Ku’ulei Reyes

Regional Director of Referee Instruction

Robert Tabares

Regional Director of Assessments

Ian Bishop

Laws of the Game Interpretation

Neil Gerrard

Mentoring Coordinator

Michael Hays

Women’s Referee Coordinator

Maureen Sundstrom

Youth Referee Coordinator

Lihaulani Barnes

Upper Division Referee Scheduler

Jeff Johnston

Regional Referee Scheduler

Marvin Danielson

Referee Mentor

AJ Liefveld

Referee Mentor

Bob Karmann

Referee Staff

Marvin Sundstrom

Referee Staff

Jeanne Prusa