Assessments & Upgrades

Please contact Area Director of Referee Assessments, Ku'ulei Reyes at if you are interested in preparing for an assessment, obtaining an assessment, or just simply receiving a friendly, helpful review of your skills.

Minimum Badge Level Certification for Referees


Minimum AYSO Referee Certification for Center Referees

U8 & U10

Regional Referee


Intermediate Referee


Advanced Referee

U16 & U19

National Referee OR Advanced Referee

Returning Referees Continued Training

Steps to Register for a Referee Course can be downloaded here




Roster #


August 24 & 25
(Sat & Sun)

Intermediate Referee Course

8:00 am-5:00 pm (Sat)
8:00am - noon (Sun)


Region 65
Alta Loma Junior High-Choral Rm

September 20 & 22
(Fri & Sun)

Advance Referee Course

6 pm (Fri)
8:00am - 5:00 pm (Sun)


Region 65
Alta Loma Junior High-Choral Rm

Intermediate Observations

Observation for Intermediate Referee is intended to be a positive experience for upgrade candidates.  The observation of a Referee under game conditions are intended to be part of an informal and relaxed activity designed to assist in the development and improvement of the official’s skills. To satisfy the field certification requirements, candidates must complete a typical U12 game and be debriefed by the AYSO Assessor, National Assessor, or Mentor/Advisor assigned by your Regional Referee Administrator or Regional Director of Referee Assessment.

Preparing for Assessments

Assessments for up-grade to Advanced and National Referee are intended to be a positive experience for up-grade candidates.  They are to provide the referee candidate with positive feedback on areas of strength and areas that may be improved.

Preparation is key to a positive assessment experience. The materials listed below contain the standards and checklists used in the assessment of National referee candidates and should help you understand what is required to get the most out of your assessment: Preparing for Assessments"

Checklist used by your assessor to identify skill areas for potential improvement for Referees:

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