Team Parent information

Dear Team Parents,

Thank you for giving of your time to volunteer to be a team parent for your child's team. AYSO is an ALL-volunteer organization and we couldn't do it without you. On this page you will find all the information you will need to complete all of the team business and make sure your team has a great season. Please read over the Team Parent Expectations and Team Duty Explanations so you are aware of what you and your team are responsible for. Also, on this page you will find the Team Parent Checklist which will help you ensure everything gets handled on time. I am here to answer any questions, give guidance as needed, or help however I can. Please feel free to contact me by email and I will get back to you. Thanks again for your help and participation.

Good luck and have a great season!

Colleen Favila-Middlebrook
Team Parent Coordinator, AYSO Region 32


You can download the Team Duty Schedule here



Team Parent Checklist

  1. Introduce yourself to all players and parents as the Team Parent and let them know you will be the communicator and handle all of the team’s business.
  2. Collect contact information from parents of each player including name, phone numbers, address, & email address.
  3. Create a roster of Coaches, players, and team parent contact info to hand out to each family.  Remind them that this information is for team use only and should remain otherwise private.
  4. Collect money for the Team Banner from each family.  This should be divided evenly between the number of players.
  5. Order the team Banner and have it ready for pictures on September 10th.  See they flyers included in the team parent folder for where to order your banner.
  6. Create a sign-up list for snack duty for each game for half-time snack and end of game snack.  All families must complete their turn for snack before another family does it a 2nd time. 
  7. Create a game schedule that includes date and time of each game, along with field location and snack duty person for each game.  Provide this to each parent or family.
  8. Remind your team about picture day and make sure everyone is together before going to the picture tent. 
  9. OPTIONAL – Create a goal can for your team to collect change from the sideline each time your team scores a goal.  This money goes to the team to use for the team party.  This is NOT MANDATORY, but a fun way to involve the sideline at each goal.
  10. Each week check the sign-in table for notes or announcements for your team and inform them.  Also, pictures will arrive here as well.  Distribute pictures to your team once they come. 
  11. MAKE SURE your team COMPLETES the team duty assigned to your team.  It will be listed on the team duty schedule on the website.  Ask families to help complete the duty.  It should not be the coach.  The coach already volunteers enough of their time during the season.   Other parents or families should complete this duty. 
  12. Schedule team parties.  Use the flyers located in the team parent folder to locate and plan a pizza party for the team.   Teams always have an end of season party but some teams have additional parties during the season to help their players and families bond and get to know each other.  2-3 parties a season is considered normal. 
  13. OPTIONAL – If your team plans to order trophies for the end of season, do so in enough time before the season ends to make sure they arrive in time.  Last games for teams who do not go to play-offs is the Saturday before Thanksgiving.   If your team does order trophies, collect money from the families to cover the cost of each player.   A flyer is in the team parent folder for a local trophy company. 
  14. Collect money from each family for a Coaches gift to show appreciation for their efforts for the season.  This can be anything you choose or the team agrees on.  Typically the cost is about $5 per family depending on the size of the team and number of coaches. 

Colleen Favila-Middlebrook
Team Parent Coordinator, AYSO Region 32


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